Cabin Air Filter Replacement

These are the steps for replacing the cabin air filter in a Honda Odyssey.

When to Replace:  You need to replace the cabin filter every 20,000-30,000 miles.
Part Needed: Cabin Air Filter (2005-2010)
Time Needed:  20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

You can always purchase the complete Honda Odyssey  2005-2010 repair manual here.


  1. Release glove box:  Open the glove box and release the damper arm. This is accomplished by first removing the retainer cover/clip which slips over the end of the rod and post (pull/slide off the end of the rod). You must then remove the door stops (2) by prying inward on the tabs inside the glovebox.
  2. Remove filter and housing:  The glovebox will then lower to reveal the filter housing. Push inward on the release tabs on eaither side of the housing and slide it out.
  3. Install new air filter:  The last step is to install the new filter.  You will need to make sure you match the air flow direction on the new air filter with what is on the van.


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