Sliding Door Latch Fix

This is the fix for your Honda Odyssey if it will close, but fails to latch completely. The main problem is the cable or motor that pulls the door in the last inch.

When to Replace:  If the sliding door will close, but not latch.
Part Needed:sliding door latch system
Time Needed:  1 hour
Difficulty: Medium


  1. Remove sliding door handle:  There is a small clip holding this handle on that is shaped like a horse shoe.  You will need to pop it down to get the black handle off.  (I used a fork to push down on it from the top.)
  2. Remove the screw behind the handle: Once the handle is removed you will see a small screw behind it.  Simply remove this.
  3. Pull off the door panel: The next step is to simply pull off the door panel.  It is held on by small clips and they will pop out.  It may take a little force, but it will come off.
  4. Unscrew and remove lock:  The next step is unscrewing and removing the lock.  It is right next to the door handle and is what you use to lock the door manually.
  5. Pull back plastic cover:  There will be a plastic cover over all of the door.  The next step is to pull that back.  You do not need to pull it all the way off, but simply pull it back and let it hang down far enough to get to the lock actuator that is behind the lock you just removed.
  6. Open door and remove 3 bolts:  Remove the 3 bolts on the back of the door.  They are 10mm.  These are what holds to latch system inside the door.
  7. Remove 3 bolts on interior side of door:  Next remove the 3 bolts on the back side of the interior part of the door.  They are the fine bolts holding in the latch system.
  8. Remove latch system from door: Now you need to pull the latch system out.  It has one wire harness you need to disconnect and a few cables to disconnect.  Once those are removed you can work the system out.  It will take a little bit of work, but it does come out.
  9. Replace latch system: Install the new latch system in place of the old one. You can use the link above to find one on Ebay.
  10. Assembly the door: Reverse the order to put the door back together.


19 comments on “Sliding Door Latch Fix
  1. Rob says:

    Dayne, would this problem also be if from either the inside or outside when I try to open the sliding door you have to pull it open to get it started? Thanks in advance.

  2. Dayne says:

    Could be. It sounds like the latch motor is not engaging and that is the first spot when opening and the last spot when closing. One way to check is when the door closes do you hear the motor in the back engage to pull it the rest of the way in. If not then this is your problem.

  3. Joseph says:

    Hi Dayne:

    Firstly, GREAT video with kid-friendly language! Super! My question is, on your video, “How to fix a Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door that will not latch” could you confirm if it is the SLIDE MOTOR (costs about $600 USD new) vs. the CLOSING MOTOR (costs about $125 USD new). You didn’t reference part numbers but I believe with your cost of about $75 USD(pre-owned/used), you must be referencing the CLOSING MOTOR.

    Also, I used some washers (cut to length) to use on the CENTER ROLLER BEARING but did NOT take apart the entire door panel (inner). I was able to unhook cables, remove bearing bracket, slip washers on and replace. HAVING SAID THAT, could I have introduced slack in the cable that would mimic the CLOSING (?) MOTOR as being faulty/bad? In other words, would tightening the slack (which I can’t seem to detect) be the solution?

    Many thanks for your help!

  4. Chris says:

    I have an 2003 odyssey. Left sliding door doesn’t open but you can hear it trying. What seems to be that problem??

  5. Dayne says:

    Will it close when it is open automatically? Is this something recent and it does it off and on or is it a consistent thing?

    It could be as simple as the rubber sticking on the door and stopping it from opening unless it is happening all the time and never opens.

  6. Chris says:

    Closes fine with the remote,the button in the van and the door handle to close. With remote or switch in van to open it beeps and it seems to have problems opening. It only opens with Manuel handle. This would be left side drivers side door.
    Not sure what it is. Do you think it is the latch??
    Thanks for responding.

    • Dayne says:

      It sounds like it is simply sticking when it tries to open on the rubber around the door. I would wipe down the rubber seal around the door and clean it. See if that will help it from sticking when it tries to engage and open.

    • Stephanie says:

      Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have an 04 Odyssey and I have the exact same problem. I cannot find anyone else out there with this specific set of issues. Thanks!

  7. Jeff says:

    I am having difficulty finding the part for the door latch. Do you know the part number or the exact name for the part? I am looking for the right side latch on a 1999 Honda Odyssey EX.

  8. Tabbie says:

    Hello I am having a problem with the entire passenger side door not wanting to open or shut with the key pad or the buttons inside and it is shut but then when you put it in drive it beeps the entire time telling us the door is opened. Please help

    • Dayne says:

      Hi Tabbie!

      This is happening because the electronics on the door are not connecting completely when it closes. This is mostly due to age of the van. Honestly, mine still does this from time to time. I would suggest getting a piece of steel wool (SOS pad will work) and rubbing it on the connectors on the door and the van. They are little brass looking “fingers” off the door and connect to what looks like round brass buttons on the van. (Hope this explanation isn’t too poor! 🙂 ) That should help take care of the issue.

      There are two other “fixes” you can try. 1.) Push the close button again and it should engage the door once more and sometimes stops the beeps. 2.) Turn the automatic doors off once they are closed. Of course you will need to turn them back on before you open them.

      Let me know if this helps!

  9. Leslie says:

    Question: My 2011 door has a popping sound when I open the door. You can tell it is catching on the lock because paint is starting to scratch off. Also when I drive you can tell the door is not fully closed because it makes popping noises when I drive? Do you think this is the release latch or actuator?

  10. jose says:

    2005 Honda odyssey left sliding door not open not close from main switch from the remote to only open and close manual from handles

  11. Sharon Green says:

    Rob I wonder if you can help me. I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey. The back latch on the drivers side passenger door wasn’t catching and the door would fly is a manual door. I took it to the dealer and they said I needed a new latch. They installed it and now the inside door handle isn’t working. It was working before they did the replacement.
    I should also mention that I had the door closed with a bungee cord attached to the handle then wrapped around drivers head rest and back to the door handle to get to the dealers. The person they sent out to have a look pulled the door open without removing the bungee cord and ripped the door handle right off.
    Is it possible that they didn’t do something right when they installed the new latch . Or do you think it has something to do with them ripping the handle off.

    • Dayne says:


      It could be that the latch system is not completely connected to the handle. The best way to trouble shoot this would be to take off the interior door panel and check out how the door responds as you try to open it. You need to make sure all the connections are tight and working.

  12. Sharon Green says:

    Also I should add since this happened whenever I get out of the car I get a shock and sometimes it is quite a shock. Any idea why that is happening. Could it be related.?

  13. Chris says:

    I was cleaning the door of my 2002 Honda odyssey and I accidentally locked the latch on the sliding door. The door is open and it won’t shut now. Please help!

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