Sliding Door Roller Fix

When to replace:  If your sliding door jumps or has trouble sliding shut.

Part Needed:

EX&LX Part # 72520-S0X-A53 (passenger side)
EX&LX Part # 72560-S0X-A53 (driver’s side)

Tools Needed: 10 and 12mm sockets. Long socket extension. phillips screwdriver. Car jack.
Time Needed:  45 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

You can always purchase the complete Honda Odyssey  1999-2004 repair manual here.


  1. Remove rear brake light: Pry open two small plastic access ports and removing two phillips screws. The whole assembly pulls straight back – it takes a bit of effort.
  2. Open the door part way: EX owners, press the door open button, and then turn door switch off from the control panel (left of the steering wheel) when door is partway open. Remove two phillips screws on the small body panel that covers the cable. Remove one bolt from the front of the same panel. These are both on the outside of the van.
  3. Pull off the body panel  cover: The next step is to simply pull off the panel you removed the screws from.  The panel slides back about two inches and then pulls off exposing the cable.
  4. Support the door:  The next step is to support the door. Use a car jack with a 2×4 and a towel to protect the paint. The nice thing about the jack is that it is easy to adjust the height when you reinstall everything.
  5. ~For EX model (i.e. electric doors) only ~

Outside the van, use a felt pen of some kind to trace around where the roller assembly mounts onto the inside of the door (this is used for alignment when you put the new one in).  Inside of the van, remove or at least pull back slightly the interior side panel between the sliding door and trunk. You need to loosen the door drive cable inside the car only enough so you can remove the cables from the roller on the outside off the car. (this is about a quarter turn clockwise).

Unhook cables & remove the roller assembly.

Install new roller assembly.

~For LX model (i.e. non-electric doors) only ~

Use a felt pen of some kind to trace around where the roller assembly mounts onto the inside of the door(this is used for alignment when you put the new one in).

Remove the roller assembly.

Install new roller assembly.


27 comments on “Sliding Door Roller Fix
  1. Patrick says:

    Hello – great video, I think I also have this problem. The door stopped opening this morning, and when I got around to it this evening and tried opening it and closing it manually, it got really bumpy and rough, and then what I believe is one of the rollers fell out in 2 pieces…a tan plastic circle about 1/2 inch diameter. The “Sliding Door” light is on constantly…is that a symptom of this, do you know?

  2. Patrick says:

    thanks so much for the reply! So the car is smart enough to know that the roller has a problem, which is why the “Sliding Door” light and alarm are on, and the button does nothing at all and when I close it it doesn’t do the “electronic” latching?

  3. Dayne says:

    Sorta. It knows that there is resistance with the door when it engages the motor to close it so it decides to stop working. It doesn’t know exactly what it wrong, just that the resistance is too much therefore triggering the light and alarm. If you pull the door fuse or disconnect the battery it will reset and start trying again, but the same problem will happen. It is best to just replace the roller for a long term fix.

  4. Dayne says:

    Yes. That is this exact problem. The rollers have a plastic cover on them and they are known to break off causing the door to bounce and malfunction. The best place to purchase the roller I have found is here. Just follow the steps and you should be back to normal.

    Hope it helps!

  5. Lee says:

    My situation is that the door just stopped in the open position and won’t close. Wasn’t bumpy before hand. Can’t even manually move the door. Are there possible issues with the drive or motor for the cable that would prevent me from even dragging the door shut manually? When I unhook the door the the roller assembly seems floppy so I am doubting it is seized up. I will try to pull of the interior panel and exterior guard and see what else I can find.

    • Lee says:

      Pulled off exterior cover and one of the roller wheels is gone, other one really worn. Is it smart enough to have known this and stopped trying to roll if too much force required? Could it have blown a relay or something that needs a special reset sequence? I have found such an oddity before on some of the Honda safety system.

      • Dayne says:

        It doesn’t know to stop each time, but if it feels resistance or that something is wrong it will stop working until you reset the fuse or the battery. From what you are saying it sounds like replacing the roller would help. I would guess that it felt resistance (because of the bad roller) and triggered for the motor to stop. Since the cable is pretty tight and the roller is bad, that might be why you are unable to manually pull it shut.

    • Patrick says:

      Lee – I also had a situation when I could no longer manually shut the slider (just last week in fact…I already got the part from ebay). I found that if I simply reached around the back and moved the roller part I could close it. The part had come so loose that it was cockeyed and jammed, and I could no longer close it. Once I straightened it, it rolled.

  6. Lee says:

    I will give it a whirl. I will order the roller(do you know the part number for passenger side) and replace it and try to reset. It does seem though that I should be able to manually close it since I have had an issue some time back that the motor wasn’t working and I was able to close manually with some amount of force but not a great deal of difficulty. That time I reset it having to shut off the control and pull the fuse and wait and put fuse back in place. What was odd to me is the fuse that I had to pull was one that didn’t have anything to do specifically with the sliding doors. I found this reset sequence on a different blog. This is what it said.

    1.) Disable the power door switch on the left dashboard.
    2.) Remove fuse #13 for 30 seconds or more from the passenger side fusebox. This will reset the door and the clock. Fuse box is located under the front passenger leg area.
    3.) Manually open and close both sliding doors.
    4.) Restore the power door fuses located under the front passenger leg area.
    5.) Enable the power door switch on the left dashboard.
    6.) Try opening the sliding doors.

    Book calls out Fuse 13 as being for clock, back up. Don’t see why this has anything to do with a reset for the sliding doors but it worked that time. If I only replaced the sliding door fuse (Fuse #5) and didn’t do this with Fuse 13 and the other parts of the process, it didn’t reset.

  7. Ryan Smith says:

    My door (driver’s side) opens and closes just fine when I turn off the automation. When I have it on, it will attempt to open, including unlatching and trying to pop out, but it then won’t roll on its own. It beeps like something’s in the way. Since it works when it’s not automated, I’m concerned that replacing the rollers may not be the right thing. But I can’t figure out what it might be.

    • Dayne says:


      I know this a late response, but the rollers are exactly what you need to replace. They are not able to move smoothly down the track and this is causing it to halt and stop. If the motor get resistance (and it is due to the broken rollers) it will stop to keep from damaging the motor.

      • Ryan Smith says:

        I paid $220 to a local body shop to replace the rollers … it still doesn’t work. They played around with it for quite a while, which is why I paid so much. It works when power is connected directly to the door motor but the button isn’t activating it for some reason. Do you know if there’s a relay?

  8. Kory says:

    Does anyone know how much different this repair would be on an 09 Odyssey??

  9. frankman says:

    Thx for video… how do I remove the roller from the cable – and then reattach ?

  10. Dayne says:

    The cables have a small bar that pulls up and out of a slot. You would turn it, pull it up and it will come out. Do the reverse for reconnecting.

  11. Frank says:

    The cable on my door snapped, can this be ordered or does it come with the motor?

  12. Rich says:

    The cable on my door actually broke. And now the car thinks that the door is always open, so I have to shut off the automatic door button when driving. I don’t need to have the door motorized. My question is – can I remove the cable and use the door manually only, and will it then shut? Or will the car think it is shut?
    Thanks for any insight.

    • Dayne says:

      Yes. You could keep the cable disconnected and use the door manually. You will have to leave the door switched to off by the driver door if you do not want it to think it is open. I am curious, could you not simply click for it to close on the switch by the driver door or on the key lock and leave it there? That way it will move to the state of thinking it is shut. That would allow you to use the other door if it is still functioning without having to hear the beeping from the other door. Make any sense?

  13. joseph francis says:

    I have a 2001 and i am having an issue with my drivers side roller working and not working and when mine doesnt work i cant open it manually or by any of the buttons then we had a real cold night and neither door would open. ( i had the right side roller replaced last year from honda way to much for my family to do again) so i am able to manually open the passenger side(not easily) but not the driver side do you have any suggestions? are there any fuses or anything i could check to at least get the passenger side working electronically again while i order the roller to install the driver side myself? thanks for your time.

    • Dayne says:


      I am not sure I completely understand your question. So, it will open except when it is really cold? The problem could be that the rubber on the seal of the door is getting frozen to the van. That happens to mine a lot. I have to get inside of the van and open the door with a nudge from my shoulder. 🙂

      Let me know if I missed the mark on this and we can look deeper into the issue.

  14. Bryan says:

    Make sure your Honda Odyssey year is BEFORE 2005 to use this specific part. I found this page very helpful and ordered the part right away….much to my chagrin it was for the earlier model…2005 LX models need LX Part # 72560-S0X-A03 (driver’s side). Hope this helps some other folks!

  15. Brian says:

    Check out the aftermarket replacement cables on eBay. I have them in my van and they work fine. Search for Honda Odyssey 1999-2004 Sliding Door Replacement Cables (Core required). You have to send him your cable housing, but he returns them quick and they work great.

  16. Rob says:

    Hi Dayne,

    I completed the repair but am unable to take the slack out of the drive door cable. As a result, the cable has become un-spooled from the pulley when I tried to operate it. Any suggestion on how to get the cable spooled and tensioned properly?

  17. Mari says:

    I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey lx manual sliding doors. My passenger side finally stopped working it won’t even open not even a little. Prior to that happening the sliding roller slowly would get caught and stuck then soon after it wouldn’t open at all. How can I get this part replaced if I can’t open the door. I’m getting the part from eBay. Thanks.

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